How I Make Paint Of Natural Pigments


Hi my loves!
A very common question that I've got lately is about my painting technique and how I make paint out of natural materials like stones, sand, ashes, charcoal, mud etc.
So in this video I wanted to open up the door into my little painting world and show you step by step how I make my own paint with these natural materials.

Painting is one of my biggest passions in life, and since I started making my very own paints from pigments in nature I really felt how something "clicked" and I really found something that felt completely right in my heart. The first week I started experimenting with making my own paint I just couldn't stop paint. I locked myself into the studio and felt spellbound by these beautiful colors and textures from nature.
And I keep learning and exploring every time I paint, and keep experimenting with different materials from nature.

- Jonna Jinton

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